Young-ISA Twitter Poster Conference (#YISAPoster2020)

Date: July 15-16th, 2020
Location: Twitter
Time: 12.00pm WET Wednesday, July 15th 2020 - 12.00pm WET Thursday, July 16th 2020

The #YISAPoster2020 Twitter Conference will be held entirely online over Twitter and aims to provide an opportunity for Statistician and Data Scientist around the world to meet online, share thier research and engage in scientific debate.

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Organising Committee

Michael Fop @michael_fop Rafael de Andrade Moral @rafamoral
Shirin Moghaddam @Shirin97322677 Davood Roshan @RoshanDavood
Fatima-Zahra Jaouimaa Felicity Lamrock @flossybap
Mimi Zhang Niamh Cahill @NCahill_Stat
Amir Jalali @amirjll Lisa McFetridge

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